Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Learn to speak 'Orang Putih', not becoming like 'Orang Putih'.

Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone. Well I hope that everybody stays happy and healthy always.

Thing that i want to share/discuss today is as mentioned above.

Is it true that if we learn English, we will be exposed to so many negative influences?

In my humble opinion, I think that it is not English who brings the negative influences. In fact, English actually brings more good deeds instead of negativity. To share one experience, someone said to me that if we use too much English in our life, we will  lose our culture and heritage one day. For me, I would say that those who say this are paranoid. Scared of changes. Coward. 

I don't think that by using English, we can lose our identity. Mohd Zul Hadi Bin Haji Kamardin will always be Mohd Zul Hadi Bin Haji Kamardin. I will never be Robert something, I can never be Michael or Steven or Roger. I was born a Malay, raised as a Muslim, which I forever will be. English doesn't change any part of that. What it changes is just the way i see things. I no longer want to see or hear gossips. I no longer care about what others would think when I do something which I need to do. And I don't have to be a cliche. A typical Malay. I want to be advance, and still, practicing Islam, and living my life as a Malay. 

Different. Better. That is what English has made me to become. I am different. I want to be a Malay who speaks brilliantly in English. And I want to see many more Malays able to be as I am. Yes, it is hard. It is never easy. But there are people who can't accept this...accept who I want to become. I say different, and they see weird. And i just pay no attention to that. Just make sure that i stay focus on what I wanna do and who I wanna be.

My comment about these people? Like i said, coward. Because changing and leaving our comfort zone is very2 hard. And to achieve this, a lot of things must be done. Many challenges must be faced. Because that is what life is all about. Do things and face challenges. Never stop and never go backward. Always move forward. And if you are not brave enough to change, then you never will. 

My prayers is just this, so that my people can see and focus on the benefits, instead of going around the bushes of negativity. And become a better people, do greater things. So that others will never able to oppress my people...which are your people too. Amin~


  1. A stupendous en3 Mr H....a very well done motivational talk, keep it up! hahaha...*I am a critic wannabe :P

  2. thanx because always keep motivated me to be confident to be speak in bi but i try to improve myself to be better then you.=b sory

  3. salam, mr hadi maybe is hard to change my mind about english... huhu.. so i will keep moving forward to improve my english.. thanks for motivated me about english..^^

  4. dear mr.hadi when you want to be my mates in my blog?

  5. are ruby n adawiyah the same person?

  6. yeah..go go mr hadi...like u say they were coward to speak in english just used a lot of old execuses dnt know how..what for..just speak in malay already enough...no no no..that is not true..like i always say be open minded..u learn english u r more anvandce than others..u know a lot of words n u getting become expert day by day..how amazing right..them statement learnt english become an english person werkkkkk no [point to said like that..ur name change if u speak english..katijah become kahty..ahahah..so funny..old thinking..