Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Beginning : Do You Like English?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Welcome to my humble page. I hope everybody has a great time learning English.
So, why English? Language of the world? Key to knowledge and success? So that you can get job easily? Every person in this world has the rights to say it and see it the way they want. But to me it is very easy. I like the language. Yes, true story. I like the language and this brings me many positive impacts. For example, I don't have to worry much about crappy subtitles while watching English movies and TV series. I can understand them without bothering the subtitles.
It's weird sometimes that I laughed so hard while others wondering what is it so funny about the scene. Some said I'm a 'Mat Saleh celup' but hey, don't blame me if you can't understand something funny. And i like to listen to songs and it happens to be that most of my favourite songs are in English. I just feel the connection, something that I don't find in my mother tongue.
Work? I don't think we learn English so that we can get a job. And don't really think if we're good in English, we can get a nice job. I just think that I like the language, and it helps me to become a better person. A happy, fun and motivated person. But still, it's just a language. How can a language has that much impact on a person's life? I have my about you?


  1. Agree~~~ languages really impact my life, I no how to speak English well, n I also no how to speak tagalog which is a Filipino language....when I tell people that I can speak those languages well they wud b like 'whoaaaa'....haha...n I encounter with the same situation 'bout the subtitle utter embarrassment when u r the only one laughing so hard n people might think that i'm nuts! hehe

  2. agree...because in class mr.Hadi said"am i right? yes mr.Hadi always right"hehehe...

  3. huhu like upin n ipin said true2..if we not excelent in english atleast now is the 1st level or stage to improve ourself in english..huhu hope mr.hadi agree with my mind set=b

  4. it's true that we need to know our weaknesses. but most important is to overcome our weaknesses. it's hard, but it's worthy.

  5. hmm nice and interesting post from u mr opinion ..u know what mr hadi actually english also become my favtre language after arabic this bcoz i already speak english or know n learn english from small so i always speak english with my brother if we don"t want my mum understand what were we talked about...its quiet funny actually..huhuhu...but was great bcoz when we were watched movie like trnfrmers or harry potter ur fvrte also dont bother about the subtitle...juz have fun with the story..english help us feel better when cummunicate and when being interview bzoz i had already been through it...i know how it feel about..