Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What you can do with English?

Assalamualaikum WBT...

Today I want to share something very important. As a Muslim, it is a responsibility to spread Islam teachings. As one character of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is Tabligh which means to deliver. As the years pass by, we live in a modern era where people only look up to intellectuals and those who are educated. Therefore it is our duty to educate ourselves, in order to spread the teachings of Islam.

In a sense, English can play a big role. By knowing the language, we will be able to spread more teachings of Islam. If we only know one language, i.e Malay, therefore we can only speak to those who know Malay. If we only know Arabic, then only those who speak Arabic will be our audience. However, if we know a language which is known by many people, just imagine the number of people who we can speak to. Just watch this video if you don't believe me.

Needless to say, English is being spoken around the world. Other languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, Tamil and French, also being spoken in most countries. Therefore, I strongly believe that English will can help ud do many good deeds in our lives and in spreading Islam. Unless...you know a few other languages...

Happy reading! ;p


  1. yup that's right i agree with you Mr. Hadi.. if we now many language.. we can talk to many pepole by using their language. and i hope , i also can improve my english. Dr. zakir Naik .. i'm so proud to he...

  2. not easy to learn and speaking english if we try.

  3. waaa great2 awsome uhh hak2
    to;farahkhaleeda;i agree 4 that but if u didnt try n keep it to still try and try..mybe 1day u realise think that its valueable dear caz u can imprve urself to learn and speak in english more than Mr.hadi huhu?its that true Mr.hadi?;b

  4. you right..by knowing english languages was a way to atrract others people or others religion to know and become closer to islam..that was a good way and one of the prophet teach us however sime people dont think like that they just stdying ebglish just to pass the examination only without thinking the advantages fromlearning it...nowdays technologies and our world also has become modern so why dnt we also use the modern ways in attract people know our religion...dnt be like a village people they think just already know a b c thats all enough to live..but be open minded n think wisely..